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Welcome to Morocco

If you are organizing a major event, you have come to the right place! We can arrange the entire conference for you: the hotel reservations, the conference rooms (with computers, projectors, and microphones), and the hostesses, the translation and interpretation services, tourist excursions, factory visits, coffee breaks and/or lunches.

Our mission is to provide the greatest possible impact for your event. We share your standards of quality and we will consistently work towards and beyond them.

We believe that building success necessitates the need for dedicated participation and initiative of every involved party, therefore we will work with you as a cohesive force.

Together, we will access your needs and then provide you with the most creative, cost-effective and intelligent solutions possible to achieve your goals. This is a key pattern in maintaining our long-term business relationships with all our clients. In addition, we will also ensure that you receive optimum value for money by tailoring to your budgeting needs. We only believe that in promising what we can deliver and delivering everything we promise.

 The organisation of Events, Incentives and Product Launches constitutes our main activity. We know how important successful events are for our clients. They enable them to introduce new marketing concepts, to motivate their commercial staff, to strengthen both the professional and personal relationships between their employees, and above all they stimulate a new dynamism within the company. One of the keys to the success of these events is the involvement of our agency Gazelles Destination and our total commitment to the above mentioned objectives. Thus tip tours operates like a department of the client’s company on the spot during the organisation of the event. Due to our many years of experience and thorough knowledge of both Moroccan and European customs, traditions and mentalities, we are able to easily adapt ourselves to any project and to meet all the client’s expectations.

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